domingo, 11 de octubre de 2009

Bed, Bath & Disgusting ...

So, today my mom, my sisters & I got up early and went to a bakery to have some breakfast. We had a really nice meal and went of to the mall (Plaza del Sol) There they have a really nice Bed, Bath and Beyond. We usually never go to that store, but we had to buy some stuff and we wanted to check different places before buying anything. And as always... I had to go to the crapper. Yes, every time I eat... I have to run to the bathroom.

And there I am in the middle of the store with a really bad case of turtle. So I said... well, Im in Bed Bath & Beyong, the bathrooms here must be fucking awesome and clean................ I went in especting a really nice aroma, with really clean toilets... girls and boys, was I wrong! They were the most horrid bathrooms I've seen in a while.

And I go to bars that only have one bathroom for everyone! I'm very dissapointed in the store jajaja. Now I don't feel sorry for not having a fancy bathroom like the ones they show you in display at the store... My bathroom is way better than theres.

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