sábado, 26 de febrero de 2011


Note: I'll probably get a call cause of this, but I already threw the towel with this type of things and I really think that anything that is said now couldn't make me feel any worse.

I have done it again… I gave my life away for months just to receive nothing but ‘behind my back’ insults:

Desperate, capricious, pushy, annoying, to up front and for all of that I end up looking like a liar.

But the truth always comes out.

I gave you my friendship, my time, my body only when YOU wanted and got rejected and look like a fool when I wanted you. I fell for something that wasn’t real. I fell for that someone you showed me once and I've never seen him again.

Better? How?

Maybe that’s the problem; I give too much when

I really care. But you see it as a way to drag you

and “make you” like me ‘a la mala’.

Brought you to my family thinking you might like having a second family apart of the nice one you have. They knowing we were never together and that you never wanted anything with me they still opened their heart and made you one of the family… But yet, you saw it as an engagement or a pushy way to make you like me. Again I look like the:

Desperate, capricious, pushy, annoying and to up front.

I helped you in your work like if it was my own. Wasted money when needed and didn’t bother to ask for it back, cause love is bigger than material things or money. But still you prefer to care (good or bad) more for the people that so much harm have done to you.

I have done it again... I gave too much, got hurt more than three times and yet I still fight for the friendship even if you still see it as me being:

Desperate, capricious, pushy, annoying and to up front.

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